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What's B.A.L. method? How is it different?

  • A fully completed math course with simplified step-by-step explanations of Middle School and High School math concepts.
  • 36 private one-on-one tutoring sessions with your personal tutor. Each session is 90 minutes.
  • Interactive assessments for each topic learned in the course and in school. 
  • VIP access to 64 LIVE small group homework help sessions.
  • Up to 20% discount when the course goes live in August.

Total: 100 personal interactions with your private tutor for 180 days of class


The Brain Adaptation Learning (B.A.L.) method

  • Get instant access to a fully completed one-on-one course that thoroughly explains each Middle School and High School math concept by using a NEW and simple teaching approach.  This ensures that your child will understand any math concepts covered in school. (Value: $799.97)
  • Discover a revolutionary method that we use to anticipate exactly what any teacher will be covering in school and make sure that your child understands that topic before even set foot in class. (Value: $599.49)
  • Find out an extremely clever trick that instructors of the B.A.L. method are using to make sure that you never pay a dime for a tutor ever again. (Value: $299.79)
  • Discover the secret that will enable your kids to bring the highest grade home in virtually any math class. (Value: $201.49)
  • Get 36 FREE LIVE one-on-one tutoring sessions for your child that other companies are charging thousands of dollars for. These are NOT PRE-RECORDED lessons. The instructor will be live to help with homework, tests and quizzes specifically for your child at no extra charge. (Value: $3,249.97)

Total Value: $5150.71

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  • 10 additional FREE one-on-one live tutoring sessions for your child (first 10 parents only). (Value: $902.77)
  • VIP access to all of The Jax Tutor's LIVE small group math tutoring sessions every Tuesday and Sunday. Your child's questions will be prioritized. (Value: $179.79)
  • 24/7 Email and Phone access to me where I answer all of your questions within 24 to 48 hours. (Value: $979.99)

Total Value with Bonuses: $7213.26

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